Alyson Lanier

Integrative Trauma Healer.

Guide, Mentor; Teacher

on all things Relationship 

Your health and wellbeing are dependent on three things:

Your relationship with yourself.

Your relationship with others.
Your relationship with the larger world/spirit.

Life is all about relationships.
As much as we try, we can’t escape the impacts of the harm they can cause.
If you lean in and do the work needed, your relationships will transform your life.

Heal intergenerational trauma.

Learn your unique expression of wellness and health, and

Discover your power to craft the relationships your heart desires.

YOU are the only person who can create the life and relationships you most desire. I help you cultivate the kind of relationships you long for.  I help you discover your wholeness and cultivate a deep relationship with yourself, your loved ones, and your unseen/Spiritual world.  What does that mean? Read on:

Begin Your Transformative Path: From Hurt to Empowerment

Embark on a journey where we reshape your narrative, shedding layers of hurt, blame, and wounding. Together, we embrace your innate power –and ALL the unseen backing you have for this– transforming challenges into stepping stones toward your authentic self.

Epigenetic Healing: Transform Generational Burdens

Discover the realm of epigenetic healing, releasing inherited burdens etched into your DNA. Our journey extends beyond the self, creating a ripple that transforms echoes of the past into a symphony of personal and Ancestral liberation.

Come Home to your You-ist You

Become your truest self – a homecoming filled with deep relief, freedom, sovereignty, and love. Confidence and power radiate from within as you stand firmly in the truth of who you are, woven seamlessly into the greater web of all things. This is the journey where you not only discover your authentic self but also find your place in the interconnected tapestry of existence.

Find the Freedom and Sovereignty to Craft Your Purpose-filled Life

I help you co-create a life that lights you up, granting the freedom to find the right shape, size and gifts that are just right for you. Step into a world where you are the architect of your joy, finally free from patterns and wounds that bound you for so long.



A seasoned expert at the intersection of psychological and spiritual healing, Alyson stands as a modern healer, transcending conventional titles with her multifaceted approach.  Alyson works remotely via Zoom, or via in-person intensives. If you speak English, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are.

But how do you begin?

Just reach out.  Whatever you really want to know you can learn by talking to me. Personally, I’m not a fan of reading tons of words on a website; I just want to know if the person I’m checking out can help me or not.

So hit the “contact me” button, send an email, and find out.