Heal Intergenerational Trauma

(What is Ancestral Lineage Healing? 


My work is more integrative, weaving therapeutic modalities with Ancestral Medicine, so lineage repair with me is more layered than what you may get with a basic practitioner. To try to summarize:

Ancestral Medicine is a type of spiritual repair work that happens through meditative time and contact with radiant ancestors from your blood lineage.  I simultaneously guide and train you to cultivate your capacity for deep and good connection with blood-lineage ancestors that are well in spirit, and together, we invoke their support for healing generational trauma and cultural wounding through your ancestral line. The way I do this addresses deep attachment and cultural wounds, reveals life purpose, and helps you experience deeply profound belonging among other things.

For decades in my psychotherapy practice, I’ve helped people with unresolved intergenerational trauma and wounding that caused them to feel limited in their peace and freedom.  We all come from somewhere, as do our mothers and fathers, and their mothers and fathers, on through time. The scientific study of Epigenetics is proving that our strengths and our burdens exist in our very blood and bones. Ancestral Medicine is one of the tools I use that helps repair this intergenerational trauma and cultural wounding.

I was trained in Ancestral Lineage Healing by Dr. Daniel Foor, (Ancestral Medicine(dot)org). This approach is non-denominational and maintains a respectful relationship with all spirituality and world religions.

Engaging in relationship with the unseen starts with me making sure you know how to embody yourself and “own” your personal space, then I help you connect with loving, wise, and supportive Allies so that when you are ready to contact radiant ancestors, you are well supported in getting there.

How Can Ancestral Healing Help Me Heal my Trauma?


While all personal development work is important (and it is — Ancestral Medicine is no replacement for psychotherapy), I can testify that if you’ve done your personal work but still feel burdened and blocked by repeating themes, doing ancestral lineage repair work may well be the missing link. It’s the most beautiful compliment to psychotherapy, and it is deeply therapeutic in nature. I have seen it change lives (mine included), and create deep connections with living loved ones and those no longer incarnate.

Every person I’ve guided through Ancestral Lineage Repair has experienced profound peace in their hearts, souls, and spirits.

In my 52 years of experience, I’ve seen heritable undercurrents play out in people’s psyche and their worldview.  In all of my years of devoted practice and experiences with therapy, spiritual connection, and personal development, Integrating clinically proven modalities for trauma healing with Spirit-mediated healing work is a medicine like no other.  In ways you may be unfamiliar with, it codifies and grounds what’s awesome about you (your strengths), while simultaneously dissolving and transforming the inherited lineage burdens. I use my unique approach and medicinal ways to heal you while simultaneously healing your lineage. This integrative approach is the needed and oft missing antidote to address your unseen but felt inherited burdens.


Ancestral Medicine is Right For You If:


  • You’ve done psychotherapy or a lot of personal development, but can’t overcome certain experiences that feel like burdens
  • You’re living in limiting beliefs and a sense of lack
  • You want to heal intergenerational patterns of family dysfunction
  • You long to know your truest self, and you yearn for the relief of finally coming home to who you are
  • You long for a deeper sense of meaning
  • You want to know what secure attachment feels like
  • You wish you felt supported and loved no matter what
  • You want to experience a deeper sense of groundedness and calm
  • You need better boundaries in the living and subtle realms
  • You want to repair your epigenetically informed psychology
  • You want to have more space and neutrality with your living family’s choices and ways of being

I am currently holding consultations for folks interested in Ancestral lineage healing via small group container.  


My small group containers are a blend of online learning, live guided ritual, community fellowship, and one-on-one work. if you are interested in joining my container, please use the “contact me” button below to send me an email to set up a time to discuss if you’re a good fit for it.

For current clients or folks already familiar and engaged in this work, please use the “contact me” button to email me to discuss more of the specialization work I offer for those who have well lines.